Upcoming Events

Feb. 25 - SVRC Members' Winter Riding @ Prairieland Arena

Mar. 15 - SVRC General @Ron & Marilee's house@ 7:00 pm.

Mar. 25 - SVRC Members' Winter Riding @ Prairieland Arena

For more details on events: click here.


Videos (VHS)
John Lyons- Riding Disciplines (Video 1-6)
Buck Brannamen (Video 1 & 2)
“No Name”- Horse training (2x)
Marlene McRae- Pole Bending
Marlen McRea- Winning Edge (Barrel Racing)
The Life and Times of Terry Fox

Josh Lyons- Leads and Lead Changes
Josh Lyons- Trick Training
Pat Parelli- Spooky Horses
Pat Parrelli- Successful Water Crossing (2x)
Pat Parelli- Games (Disc 1-3)
Pat Parelli- My Horse Wont Go (2x)
Horse Behavior (Disc 1-6)

Arena Patterns

Pat Parelli- Level 1 (Cassestte, VHS and Booklet) x2

Step By Step Progressive Horse Training- Vern Sapergia (x2)
Horses for Dummies- Audrey Pavia
The Beginners Guide to Horses
Clicker and Target Training - Shawne and Vitan Karrasch
Quarter Horse Racing
There are No Problem Horses Only Problem Riders- Mary Twelveponies
Happy Horsemanship- Dorthy Pind
The Horse Whisperer- Nichlas Evans
Driving a Harness Horse- Sallie Walrond
Basic Horsemanship English and Western- Eleanor P. Prince and Gaydell M. Collier
Horsemanship- Sarah Mason
Wild Thing- Dandi Mackall
Eager Star- Dandi Mackall
Horse Feathers- Dandi Mackall
Horse Cents- Dandi Mackall

Western Horsemanship Books
Health Problems of The Horse- Robert M. Miller
Calf Roping- Roy Cooper
Team Penning- Phil Livingston
Natural Horsemanship- Pat Parelli
Team Roping

Stop watch (x2)
Two-Way Radio (x3)
Poker Rally Kit (marbles and sheets)
Saddle Fitting Pad
Mechanical Flag - if Club members what to rent it for a private event among members a refundable $150 deposit plus $5/person per day fee be charged; if the Club uses it for an event open to all members, no damage deposit and no fee be charged; if an outside organization wants to rent it, a $250 refundable deposit and to be determined rental fee be charged.